Quran Beginners started its journey in 2016. Following the holy motto of teaching Quran we have established different institutions under this online platform:
Understanding the Basics of Quran Reading
Online Quran Lessons for Kids
Learn Quran With Tajweed and Memorization course
Online Quran Classes for Females
Basic Islamic Knowledge
Free Trial Quran Classes
Hundreds of registered students show their trust and satisfaction over services for this noble deed.

Basic Quran Reading

The course is introduced for the student who are at initial stage. First step includes the teaching of Norani Qaida with correct pronunciation of alphabets of Arabic language. When the student successfully completes the lessons of Norani Qaida, it enable the reader to read Quran without any obstruction. Second step is to make the student fluent in reading the Quran. It includes tajweed course. The instructor of every course has been directed to focus over the things which are vital for a Muslim Child/ individual e.g. Salah, Kalma, Ablution (Wazu), Fiqh relating to body cleanliness.

Quran Reading With Tajweed With Best Tutors

Uthman bin Affan reported: The Prophet, peace be upon Him, said,
“The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it.”
Source: Ṣaḥiḥ al-Bukhari 4739

Quran Beginners has the tutors which can in Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi language. Moreover, teachers have been trained professionally to interact with the children in order to enhance the interest and focus to avoid any uneasiness. Teachers of Quran have translational, grammatical, interpretational and tajweed knowledge as well. The teachers are evaluated from time to time so as to ensure the effective and dedicated services.

Basic Islamic Knowledge

The website provides booklets which enshrine the reader with fundamental principles of Islam. For every Muslim, the fundamentals are necessary to understand as essential part of life. For example, correct way to perform Salah , observe fasting, different duas for daily matters etc., You can download from our website.

Female Tutors

There are hundreds of Female Sisters in different countries who are willing to Quran but due to lack of proper resources, they skip this righteous deed. Quran Beginners Academy also has female Teaching staff which have achieved certificates of tajweed and hafiza from recognized institutions. Muslim Female sisters can attend regular online classes now, while sitting in home.

Learn in native language

Regular sessions are delivered by our prestigious teaching staff in native language. It makes the communication between student and teacher more friendly and effective. Our teachings staff includes teachers from Pakistan, India, Egypt and South Africa. Moreover, safe environment is made sure for your kids even when you are away so to avoid any interruption of leave.

Testimonials From Parents

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