Understanding the Basics of Quran Reading

Fundamentals of the Quran include the correct pronunciation of words alphabetically and grammatically. The course outline has been designed in such a way that the reader learns to read Quran with fluency and correct tajweed. This course has been established particularly for both kids and beginners. At the very first step, the student goes through Norani Qaida which is taught by our learned Qari. In this way, a student is able to get familiar that how to read Quran without grammatical mistakes.

Online Quran Lessons for Kids

Being a Muslim, it is the obligation of parents that their children learn to read the Quran properly. Our panel consisting of a number of qualified Quran tutors assist the parents living in the USA, United Kingdom or in areas where the kids cannot find an opportunity for Quran tutoring. Quran Beginners Academy provides an online platform for such parents where they can easily make their kids learned about Quran reading. Lessons are delivered individually and the time of the lesson is chosen by the parents.

Learn Quran With Tajweed and Memorization course

There is a number of parents who aspire that their kids could memorize the Quran. But due to the non-availability of resources like Tutor, Regular Classes, both the parents and kids are unable to pursue this noble cause. This is possible now. Quran Beginners Academy offers courses for Quran memorization which includes daily classes and regular revision of previous memorized lessons.

Online Quran Classes for Females

There a number of our female sisters especially those who embraced Islam at a very young age or those who want to revive their lessons. We offer online courses for our sisters. You can easily get a lesson if it becomes incontinent for one to go to the mosque or Madrissah. Our qualified female tutors with diligent efforts help such female sisters through online courses. Besides this, our female Ulemas guide our sisters for some personal assistance regarding the Islamic point of view.

Basic Islamic Knowledge

To know about the Islamic Concepts is the essence of Islam. Performing every normal deed in Islamic and prescribed Sunnah way becomes virtue which in turn will please the Almighty Allah. Islam is not only the religion relating to the worship of God. It suggests that how life should be lived. Therefore, it is necessary for every Muslim whether to live in a Muslim State or among Non-Muslims to follow Islam at least in his individual life

Free Trial Quran Classes

Our primary objective is to make the children and ambitious female sisters learned about Holy Quran Reading. Prior to registration, a free trial is given to willing learners. So that they can evaluate our services. This free trial is given on the basis of limited lessons. Students and Learners are expected to assess our way of teaching.