Q.1 How a student will be charged to learn Quran online?
Ans. We charge on monthly basis. The charges will vary from course to course.
Q.2 What payment methods do we offer pay charges?
Ans. We use following methods Paypal, Skrill ,Master card, visa card , Western union
Q3. How long a tutor will wait for his/her student when scheduled time is started?
Ans. A student shall not wait for more than 20 minutes when scheduled time is started.
Q.4 Is there any discount package offer?
Ans. Yes! There is discount offer for a family having two kids registered as student on Quran Beginners Academy.
Q.5 What medium is used for teaching online?
Ans. We use Skype for teaching online. It is best available communication app in every country analyzed and recommended by our I.T Department
Q.6 How to evaluate the Quran Tutor?
Ans. A separate Complaint Contact Number shall be given. Parents in case of any complaint or suggestion can leave message at that contact number.
Q.7 Can i cancel subscription/contract? If Yes! Then How?
Ans. Yes! You can cancel your subscription/contract whenever needed. One month prior intimation is necessary before cancelling any program. In case of cancelling the subscription/contract on any date after the payment of monthly dues, the charges are not refunded as per policy of Quran Beginners.
Q.8 Whether the dues to be paid in advance or post-paid?
Ans. The dues are paid in advance and are not refundable.
Q.9 Can I change my schedule of Online Quran classes?
Ans. Yes, You can change your schedule of Online Quran classes. It may take time up to 2 days for confirmation of change in schedule of Quran classes.
Q.10 Can I change my Tutor (Female/Male)?
Ans. Yes! You can change tutor. feedback in this regard will be helpful for us to make any reform.